The Occupational Hazards Fund

Ministerio del Trabajo República de Colombia

Last update 22/08/2018 10:43:44 a.m.

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The occupational hazards fund


There is a special  government  account, which  is not a legal  entity,  under the  aegis of the Department  of  Social  Protection that  has the purpose  of carrying  out studies,  campaigns, educational  activities,  prevention  and  research  on  occupational  injuries  and  illness. The sources of  funding  for   this  Fund  are  1%  of the  collection  of  employers?  contributions, government funding, fines for breach of obligations under the Occupational Hazards Program, other donations received, and any other resources received from all other sources.

The worker´s compensations general program

The  worker's  compensation  general  program  is  defined  in  the  legislation as the group of public and private entities, laws and procedures that are intended to prevent, protect and assist workers in the event of illness and accidents that may occur during or as a result of the work they carry out.

Under the worker's compensation program, any worker who experiences a work accident or work-related illness shall have the right, depending on the case, to compensation payments that may be provided through a health care entity affiliated with the general health care system.   He or she shall also have the right to claim and receive monetary payments distributed by the worker?s compensation administrator, as indemnity for partial and permanent disability, disability and survivor benefits, or burial expenses.